Customer Experience doesn’t need to be complicated 

We’re a new breed of Customer Experience Consultancy

We help you to exceed customer expectations and stay ahead of your competition. We break down complex problems into manageable, affordable solutions so you can deliver rapid, measurable improvements in your organisation.


Customer Experience doesn’t need to be complex. Our unique approach breaks it down into actionable steps.


Reveal new customer insights to power your CX. We identify the truths behind behaviours, actions and motivations.


Rapid, practical CX and UX plans. 

We help you make a positive impact, 

with fast results.

Rapid, practical CX plans that deliver results quickly

Few organisations have surplus time and resource to commit to a large scale transformation. Our products are designed to help you quickly define a start point and identify and prioritise solutions based on their impact to your business.


Start your CX journey, or evolve and improve. We’ll consider the whole of your business, understand the needs, motivations and behaviour of your customers, and improve your customer journey. 


CX Communications

Open and maintain a meaningful dialogue with customers. We’ll optimise the communications that shape your Customer Experience, creating engagement models that increase customer advocacy over time.

Digital Platforms

Create intuitive online journeys and interfaces that are a joy for your customers to use. We’ll also recommend the right systems architecture to make ‘digital’ work harder for your business, and your customer.

Employee Engagement

Understand your workforce and what will motivate them to grow with your business. We’ll develop strategies to communicate, engage, motivate and retain employees.

Bespoke CX

Consultancy based on your needs

It is our job to make it easy for our customers. Simply tell us your customer challenge and we’ll create a bespoke solution for you. 

You may need to break down a complex challenge into a programme of practical work, or you might just need an extra ‘CX brain’ for a few days. We’ll use our expertise and four product areas to create the right answer for you. Contact us to find out more.

Recent projects

Pret – An app-etite for engagement

Pret A Manger wanted to create a payment and loyalty app for their U.S. customers that would build on Pret’s celebrated ‘Joy of Pret’ loyalty by surprising customers with treats and menu items to try.

Feld – Delivering surprise and delight… through data

As magical as Feld shows are, we felt there was more that could be done to spread a little of the magic to the surrounding customer experience.

Aviva – Empowering employees through powerful analytics

Our bespoke-build digital hub makes it simple for Aviva’s Sales teams to prep for meetings and plan successful outcomes, delivering the insight they need across all sectors and sizes of businesses.


Human Vs Tech

From the likes of Google Assistant booking hair appointments for customers, to cashier-less grocery stores in the form of Amazon Go, tech is evolving and mimicking human traits more than ever. Eliot Sykes asks if humans and tech can seamlessly combine when it comes to Customer Experience?


Lessons in CX

…A Trip to South East Asia. Part 1 – Singapore.

As we touched down at Singapore’s Changi airport for a week to launch three Ethology CX Consulting offices in the region, we hadn’t anticipated that our host city was going to provide its own CX lessons.


Lessons in CX 

…A trip to South East Asia. Part 2 – Kuala Lumpur 

If Singapore is a city seemingly built from the ground up to be as effortless as possible to both inhabit and visit, Kuala Lumpur is a very different experience.

Are you missing out on a growth opportunity?

We help our clients improve their customer experience across the globe and we can help you too. Ethology is in the UK, Asia and the USA. Get in touch to speak to one of our consultants.

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