User Research

Insight at every stage of a customer’s journey

We understand the behaviour, needs and motivations of real customers through task analysis and observation…
…to provide insight into how users interpret your brand online…
…as well as how well your website communicates your core offering and facilitates the goals of end users…
…giving the insight you need to create successful, intuitive, optimised digital experiences

Usability testing

We provide moderated cross-device usability testing for existing websites, prototypes or designs, recruiting participants to specific demographics.

We author task and discussion guides based on your brief, along with post-testing analysis including a detailed, prioritised action plan. We use industry leading software for session screen recording and our viewing facilities allow you to attend and view testing sessions live.

Remote usability testing

Remote usability testing can be useful where time is limited or participants are hard to reach. We run unmoderated online usability testing with participants recruited against specific demographics.

Audio or video of participants using the website is supplied along with metrics, analysis of task completion and user feedback, including answers to specific questions about the experience.

Focus groups

Valuable early in a design process to test propositions, ideas, online and offline creative and content, from our lab we facilitate focus groups of 6 – 10 participants, handling all aspects of participant recruitment.

Cameras stream and record audio and visuals of sessions, allowing clients to view the sessions in real time.

For a regional participant split, we can also facilitate and moderate focus groups at external locations across the country.

Usability lab hire

Our purpose-built lab is designed to accommodate usability testing, focus groups and in-depth interview sessions. Contact us to find out more about hiring our facilities.

o Industry leading testing software, ‘Morae’

o Viewing facilities to view testing sessions live

o Raw data, including video files of testing available post-sessions

o Participant recruitment against specific demographics

o Task and discussion guide authoring and session moderation

o Post-testing analysis including a detailed, prioritised action plan

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