Driving Customer Engagement

Driving customer engagement

After extensive planning research into Mazda and the market, along with customer journey mapping and key touchpoint analysis, we found that anyone looking to buy a car was most likely to purchase within three months of first registering interest. So how could we help convert them from thinking to buying?


Rather than sending generic newsletter mailings, our strategy was to rationalise the customer journey and identify six key touchpoints. We focussed on both emotional and rational cues to ensure we delivered the right messages and feeling at each point.


We created a pilot conversion journey email programme for prospects that requested a Mazda CX-3 brochure, then sent them six content-rich emails over 30 days.


Mapping customer journeys

The content was relevant at that moment – videos to see the new car in action, competitor comparisons, awards and press reviews, spec and offer details. Triggered calls to action allowed the recipient to request certain information sooner.


If the recipient didn’t purchase a Mazda CX-3, then the final email in the series offered up details about other great models in the Mazda range.


The emails were fully personalised and included innovative interactive features, including colour configurator to play with colour options, a clever comparison tool and a ‘hotspots’ feature that explored the car’s spec.

The results

Since launching in April 2016, results have been very positive. Across the six emails ‘open’ rates have averaged 46.91% and ‘click’ rates averaged 27.69%.


Video content as well as the colour configurator have shown to be the most popular overall, and the emails have assisted in driving a high number of leads to the Mazda website. 


Following the success of the campaign, Mazda are looking to roll the email programme out for other models. Great performance.


Average email open rate of 46.91% 

Average email click rate of 27.69%

Rolling out email programme to other Mazda models 

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