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9TH MAY 2019

5 Simple CX improvements to make today

Customer expectations have changed; by 2020 it’s predicted that Customer Experience will…

7TH MAY 2019

Map it out – the journey to a better UX

Customer journey maps are a powerful way to visualise any…

26TH MARCH 2019

How dark UX tactics can create long term brand damage

In December 2018 online fast-fashion behemoth Boohoo was…


Human V Tech

From the likes of Google Assistant booking hair appointments for customers, to cashier-less grocery stores in the form of Amazon Go…


Lessons in CX – Hong Kong

If Singapore is a city seemingly built from the ground up to be as effortless as possible to inhabit and Kuala Lumpur is  a city that exudes…


Lessons in CX – Kuala Lumpur

If Singapore is a city seemingly built from the ground up to be as effortless as possible to both inhabit and visit, Kuala Lumpur is a very…


Lessons in CX – 


As we touched down at Singapore’s Changi airport for a week to launch three Ethology CX Consulting offices in the region, we hadn’t anticipated…

14TH AUGUST 2018

Ten tips for successful brand realignment

Realigning a brand for the multi-channel world is no mean feat. 

29TH JUNE 2018

The rise of the dark side? Dark patterns in UX 

Whilst interacting with a website many of us will regularly encounter a UX ‘dark pattern’ and not even realise.

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